• Identification of dangers and evaluation of  the workers’ security and health risks, for each component of the work system.
  • Elaboration of proper instructions in order to complete and/ or apply the security and health regulations, taking into account the particularities of  each activity and of the unit/ factory, as well as of each work place\ job position;
  • Bringing up-to-date and elaboration of the Protection and prevention plan for each work place;
  • Technical documentation necessary for obtaining the conformity certificate in order to guarantee the essential requests for the technical equipment;
  • Documentation necessary to install equipment in accordance with regulations in dangerous EX areas, Ex division of zones, INSEMEX certification

Documentation necessary to obtain the Document regarding the protection against explosion

  • Implementation of the management system of health and work security;
  • Intervention plan in case of fire;
  • Evaluation of fire risks
  • Scenarios for fire safety;
  • System design for installations of extinguishing equipment, signaling, fire alarm and alert of fire;
  • Execution systems and fire fighting installations, signaling, alarm and alert of fire;
  • Verification, maintenance and repair of systems for fire fighting, signaling, alarm and alert of fire fighting facilities;
  • Creation and production of advertising materials;
  • Plastified materials for work protection and PSI;
  • Audit for health and work security;
  • Training with workers in safety;
  • Proposal of attributions and responsibilities in the field of health and work security for workers, according to their job description, that are to be written in their work record with the employer’s approval;
  • Testing of the workers’ knowledge and application of the measures mentioned in the prevention and protection plan, as well as of their attributions and responsibilities in the field of work and health security that are written in their job description;
  • Elaboration of a list of  technical documents necessary to the workers’ instruction and information in the field of health and work security;
  • Elaboration of the subjects for all phases of instruction, establishes the adequate periodicity for each work place, assures the workers’ information and instruction in the field of health and work security and verifies the workers’ knowledge and application of the received information;
  • Elaboration of the instruction-testing programme in the factory and
  • Written information of the employer on the shortcomings noticed during the controls done at the work place and proposal of prevention and protection measures;
  • Inventory of work equipments and periodic check- ups, and, if necessary, periodic testing of work equipments which should be done by authorized persons, according with the Government Decision no. 1.146\2006 regarding the minium requirements of health and security in using the work equipments by the workers;
  • Identification of the individual protection equipment necessary for the work places in a factory and elaboration of a list of individual protection equipment for the workers according with the regulations stipulated in the Government Decision no. 1.048\2006 regarding the minimum requirements of health and work security necessary when using the individual protection equipment by the workers;
  • Periodically checking the adequate maintenance, manipulation and depositing of individual protection equipments as well as their replacement when stipulated in the norms and in the other situations mentioned in the Government Decision no. 1.048\2006;
  • Elaboration of raports regarding work accidents suffered by the factory workers according with the regulations in article 12 paragraph (1, Letter d) of Law 319\2006;
  • Checking the implementation of the measures stipulated by the work inspectors after control visits and after analysing the events;
  • Co-operation with workers and/ or their representatives, with external services of prevention and protection, with the work medicine doctor in order to coordinate the measures of prevention and protection;
  • Checking if the warning plan, the protection and prevention plan and the evacuation plan have been up- dated;

Elaboration of a list of materials necessary for the performance of the above mentioned activities.


Here you can download the PDF document containing the latest accreditation of S.C. FAURAR S.R.L.